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So Far…

My Ever-Expanding Poetry Collection on Medium

“So Far…” is an idea-riff off the patron saint of American verse, Walt Whitman, who published one, and only one, book of poetry in his lifetime — Leaves of Grass. The first edition (1855) had 12 poems in it. The last edition (the 1892 “Deathbed Edition”) had over 400. Same book. He just kept adding stuff.

Which is a fancy literary way of saying that my plan is to gather all my poems on Medium into this archive, then just keep adding to it over time. Whatever you see on this page, no matter when you look at it (today, next month, next year, Christmas Day 2020…), is all of my poetry “so far…”

“So Far…” Get it?

I’m arranging poems here in chronological order, by when they first appeared on Medium, with the newest at the top (so it’s a backward timeline, newest to oldest).

That’s enough of an intro. Thanks for being interested enough to visit this page. I’m glad you’re here!