Nguyen Van Duong – Son-in-law of Former Secretary of Hanoi City

Nguyen Van Duong is known as the second son-in-law of Pham Quang Nghi, the former secretary of Hanoi City. However, all of the activities attributed to “Duong the messenger” have no connection to Pham Quang Nghi. Apart from the information that Nguyen Van Duong is the son-in-law of Nghi, there is no public information available on social media regarding his biological parents and family. Nevertheless, to become the son-in-law of a politician, it is likely that Duong’s family background is not insignificant, wouldn’t you agree?

Nguyen Van Duong – Chairman of CNC Company – Unraveling the Mystery

Before serving as the chairman of the CNC Company, who was Nguyen Van Duong? He previously held the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors at UDIC Investment Corporation. The company was quite renowned and was a member of the investment project for the construction of the Bac Giang – Lang Son expressway.

During the implementation of this expressway project, UDIC was known to be the company with the largest capital contribution, with 491 billion dong, accounting for a 38% share. However, due to insufficient financial capacity, the project was halted by the Ministry of Transport in March 2017. Subsequently, Duong became the chairman of CNC Company.

Prior to his involvement in the billion-dollar gambling case related to Phan Sao Nam, Nguyen Van Duong was known as the chairman of CNC Company, established in September 2021 with an initial capital of 20 billion dong. After six years of operation, in April 2017, CNC Company was granted a 10-year operating license to provide intermediary payment services in three main categories:

  • Online electronic payment gateway services
  • E-wallet services
  • Collection and disbursement services

Duong took advantage of CNC Company’s operation, which had its headquarters in a building belonging to the General Police Department, to present it as a company endorsed by the Ministry of Public Security. This company collaborated with Nam Viet Company to create an online gambling platform named Rikvip in the form of card games.

In the initial stage, Nguyen Van Duong and CNC successfully played the role of a payment gateway and handled technical issues for the gaming platform. However, when transitioning to the next phase with a game called Tib.Club, Duong assigned another company to operate the game and withdrew CNC from the project to avoid scrutiny by authorities.