Hey Writers! Grow Your Local Following

I’m Responding to Oliver Shiny Here, but Everybody Might Be Interested in This

Hey, Oliver Shiny! In a recent comment on a Medium post about online tools in development for writers, you made this great suggestion:

I’m waiting for the tools that help me build interpersonal community in a geographic area that I can conceivably reach myself. There are several million people nearby, and they conceivably buy enough books these days that, conceivably, if I had the right support, a bunch of them would buy my books. Even if it’s only several thousand people nearby who become dedicated “fans” if you will, those several thousand provide me with the most invaluable marketing around: personal recommendation to their networks, many of whom live elsewhere.

A link to a site called “Hometown Reads” landed in my in box this morning, along with a regional poetry journal I subscribe to. This from their FAQ page:

What is Hometown Reads?
Hometown Reads is a new author platform focused on showcasing books by location. We want to highlight authors in their hometowns so local readers can discover local authors. We also want to help authors network with each other to share marketing advice and help each other to get the word out about their books.
What are benefits to me as an author?
We will share marketing ideas and resources and will use our social media connections to drive interest in and traffic to the site, your city page, and your book page. We’ll invite you to a private Facebook group with other authors in your hometown and we’ll post regularly to invite interaction. Ideally, you will engage with others, meet authors to collaborate with, and create ways to spread the word about the great books from authors in your hometown. We’ll also email ideas and resources to you intermittently.

The about page says the site just launched in March of this year, so it’s at the ground floor but growing.

Here’s the link: http://hometownreads.com/