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Do arrogant Twitter atheists make your blood boil? When Richard Dawkins, the Amazing Randi, or Bill Nye the Science Guy smugly tell you how stupid you are for believing in God, or psychic powers, or ghosts, or the afterlife, or even your own immortal soul, do you want to just reach through the screen and strangle them?
You’re going to love this book.
Jack Preston King is not an apologist for any one religion or spiritual path. He’s a defender of the human spiritual impulse in all its forms. In these 25 rollicking essays, King makes the case for both the reality and importance of spiritual experience, citing Jungian and Cognitive psychology, neuroscience, shamanism, Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism, Pentecostal Christianity, Wicca, philosophers from Aristotle to Plato to Hume to Nietzsche, quantum physics, and even pop culture icons Philip K. Dick and the Face on Mars. Read this book, and the next time some jerk on Twitter says magic isn’t real, and human beings are soulless, chemically-driven animals inhabiting a dead, material universe, you’ll be armed and ready to make your stand In Defense of Magical Thinking.

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