Beyond the Robot Comment Policy

Read This Before You Start Typing

This pertains only to stuff I publish on my blog, Beyond the Robot. When I post as just me, like responses to other people’s stories, feel free to have at me. I’m thick skinned. I can take it.

But Beyond the Robot is my blog. I pay the bills. Which entitles me to a certain measure of control. This policy is just so you know before you post your comment that I’m exerting said control, and that in doing so, I am not being arbitrary. Here are the rules.


Responses that suggest you didn’t actually read the post (or the entire post) will be ignored. I can’t/won’t defend things I didn’t say in the piece. Taking time to point out that I didn’t say something is pretty much saying it, so no.

POOF! It’s Gone!

Medium has this great feature that allows me as the author of a story to hide individual responses to it. And that’s exactly what I’ll do if your response demonstrates racism, misogyny, homophobia, or vilifies anyone for their religion, national origin, or immigration status. Also gone in a puff of smoke are responses that make sweeping ugly false generalizations, like “all Muslims are terrorists” or “all Priests are pedophiles.” You can call me whatever you like. But I won’t host hate directed at others on my blog.

Responses that are way off topic, contain personal attacks or blatant misinformation, promote violence, or illegal or questionable activities, will also be hidden. Commercial spam will be directed to Medium for permanent deletion.

Also say goodbye to responses that just don’t make sense. If I read your response three times and still can’t figure out what you’re trying to say, hiding it is simply a matter of good housekeeping. Don’t take it personally.


Nope. Beyond the Robot does not feed trolls. Trollish responses will be hidden within moments of their appearance, and if they’re bad enough, reported to Medium for possible action against your account.


Your disagreement with anything I actually say in a post is welcome. My most likely response to such comments will be to engage in thoughtful dialogue. That could be fun!

Those are all the rules. See you in the response boxes. Thanks!